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Creative Insurance for Cutting Edge Industries: Joseph Ziolkowski on the Smart Economy Podcast

In this illuminating episode of the Smart Economy Podcast, our CEO Joseph Ziolkowski offers his unique perspective on the fast-evolving world of alternative insurance providers and their role in supporting innovative companies in cutting-edge industries. From crypto to psychedelics to eSports to longevity, Joseph and the host Dylan Grabowski delve into the various challenges and opportunities that these industries present, and how alternative insurance providers like RELM can help navigate them.

Along the way, they discuss the critical role of regulatory bodies in establishing new and unique insurance opportunities, and how these bodies can collaborate with innovative companies and insurers to create a more sustainable and resilient industry. Additionally, Joseph shares the various factors that RELM considers when underwriting these businesses, offering valuable insights into the complexities and nuances of the underwriting process. Finally, Joseph and our host explore the reasons why larger insurance entities are often hesitant to insure innovative companies, and the potential benefits of taking a more proactive and innovative approach to insurance. Don’t miss this engaging and informative conversation, which sheds light on the future of insurance in emerging industries.

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