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Relm Insurance Launches Employment Practices Coverage to Fill Industry Void

Relm, a leading specialty insurance carrier supporting emerging and innovative industries, today unveiled its Comprehensive Employment Practices offering, responding to industry demand and cementing its commitment to address capacity scarcity.  

The enhancements of the new policy, payable in fiat or cryptocurrency, include: 

  • An expansion of third-party liability coverage to respond to claims alleging harassment or discrimination against any third party, not only prospective employees. 
  • Inclusion of Wage and Hour Practices Liability. 
  • The addition of first-party expenses to mitigate the impact of a workplace violence incident or EPL crisis, including PR, security, and other consultancy costs.  
  • The addition of loss mitigation expenses to mitigate an employment or third-party liability claim. 

‘Wage and Hour’ protection has particularly become harder to insure as several insurance providers have ceased underwriting in recent years. This has complicated companies’ ability to gain coverage in the US, where employee classification errors and lapses in minimum wage or overtime payments have resulted in costly settlements. 

“Our ongoing success is predicated on identifying dislocations and providing prompt solutions,” said Joseph Ziolkowski, Relm CEO and Founder. “Through our agile approach, we were able to swiftly identify and support businesses requesting this coverage, boosting our industry reach and traction.”      

Relm’s latest offering taps into a broad swath of industry sectors including financial services, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and technology. 

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